What is Power Flushing?

Power Flushing is the process of removing or ‘flushing out’ accumulated ‘sludge’ deposits from central heating systems. A Power Flush can make a heating system more efficient and help save you money by avoiding the need for expensive repairs.

Unfortunately over the lifespan of a central heating system, black iron oxide more often referred to as ‘sludge’ will accumulate in the system. This can have potentially disastrous consequences on the efficiency of the heating system if remedial action is not taken in time. Very high fuel bills and the replacement of parts of the system are inevitable if internal corrosion is not kept at bay by a professional Power Flush.

How it is done?

The Power Flush process is quite simple and is usually carried out in a day on residential properties. On larger commercial premises a Power Flush may take longer.

All we have to do is connect our Power Flush units to your pump or radiators.  The Power Flush machine will then cleanse the system by flushing it through with powerful chemicals and rust inhibitors which loosens the  and sludge. This will be passed through our magnaclean magnetic filter which will remove the black sludge and make your central heating system work much more effciently. You will be left with clean radiators and pipes allowing unrestricted circulation of heat and hot water.

Our professional and friendly engineers will thoroughly powerflush your central heating system guaranteeing you:

  • A warmer home
  • Improved hot water
  • Cutting gas bills by as much as 20%
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