The new Saniflo SaniAlarm warns you if the water in the macerator rises to an unusually high level. 

Occasional abuse, power failures, or a build-up of limescale deposits in older units (that are not regularly descaled), can cause a surcharge of water in the unit.
SaniAlarm has a level pressure switch that triggers an alarm fixed on the top of the unit if the volume of water exceeds the maximum allowed level. The alarm emits a continuous 80 dB warning sound, until it is switched off and the problem rectified. 
SaniAlarm is battery operated and can be fitted on most models* in the Saniflo range, including Sanispeed and Sanivite pumps.


Suitable for new or existing Saniflo installations. SaniAlarm is quickly fitted onto the lid of the Saniflo unit. 
*Not suitable for use with Sanicom, Sanicondens, Sanicompact and Sanicubic. 
Insert the Batteries (not supplied) in the case. 
Carefully drill a 10mm hole in the lid of the unit where indicated in the instructions. 
Spread some silicone grease around the plunger tube and insert it through the lid
Fit the SaniAlarm on top of the Plunger tube. 
Switch to the ON position.


Power Supply 1 x 9v battery 
Dimensions (vertical height is measured from floor level) 82mm (H) 62mm (W) 33 mm (D) 
Technote Buzzer: 80 dB 
Mounting Hole: 10mm diameter


Saniflo Descaler: For trouble free maintenance

Ultra concentrated phosphoric acid formula 
Specially developed to avoid damaging rubber components

Formula ideally suited to small-bore discharge pipes

Product suitable for sceptic tanks

Laboratory tested formula and usage quantities


- Suits All Saniflo pumps 
- Prolongs Unit Life 
- Cleans and Disinfects 
- Internal and External Macerators 
- Specially created for use with Saniflo Products


Specifically created for use with Saniflo products 
Laboratory formulated with phosphoric acid 
Concentrated solution for optimum cleaning power 
Regular usage prolongs unit life and maintains efficiency 

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