Saniflo Maintenance

Saniflo Descaler: For trouble free maintenance

In hard water areas lime-scale eventually coats the inside of every plumbing appliance and facility, just look at the inside of your kettle for evidence of this. Unless internal lime-scale build up is dealt with it will eventually result in the failure of the macerator.

The answer is at hand in the form of Saniflo's own Saniscale a quarterly dose of Saniscale will keep the internal parts of your Saniflo lime-scale free for perfect functioning……..

Specially made to use with all Saniflo Macerators

Made with with phosphoric acid.

Concentrated for brilliant cleaning on tough limescale, regular use of this product prolongs your unit’s life and keeps it running smoothly

No harm to septic tanks.

If your Saniflo keeps running on, won’t start or stop could be due to limescale being present on the membrane that controls your Saniflo. Using Saniflo Descaler when used at least once or twice a year can prevent bad odours occuring, keep all the pipes free from limescale, this is good for your Saniflo particularly if you live in a hard water area.

Many Saniflo owners do not use the Descaler and this can cause limescale problems early on, use it regularly to achieve the best results. Always follow manufacturers advice, please read the label.

Regular usage of the Saniflo Descaler/Cleanser (available from your Saniflo supplier) prolongs the life of your macerator, keeps the activating mechanism clear and helps maintain efficiency by reducing scale build-up. It is harmless to septic tank operation. The following procedure is particularly effective in disinfecting/descaling your Saniflo. (In the event that you cannot obtain Saniflo cleanser, household bleaches and disinfectants will also help to cleanse your Saniflo)

  1.  Remove fuse or switch off power to unit 
  2. Pour a strong dose of Saniflo cleanser/descalent or normal household WC disinfectant or bleach (say ½ bottle) into the WC pan. 
  3.  Flush the WC 
  4.  Leave for about 2 to 3 hours (or overnight for even better results) 
  5.  Switch power on, allowing unit to pump out, flush WC.

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