Sanicubic Pro


Sanucubic Pro: Equipped with 2 powerful motors with macerators, SANICUBIC Pro can pump away the waste water from several appliances: WC, shower, bath, washing machine, dishwasher, and so on. 

This smart unit with its multiple inlets in different diameters and double alarm (one on the unit and another remote) provides a high level of security and performances.It  has been specially designed for intensive use.

A new lift station to flush away all the waste waters from a complete house!

2 x 1500W. High performance macerating pump that discharges waste and water from multiple WCs and other appliances.

Pumps 11m Vertically or 100m Horizontally

Product contents:
Macerator with connections to WC/washbasins etc.

3000W. H x W x D: 400 x 557 x 492mm. EN 12050-1.

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