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About Us

Muswell Hill Business Online is an integrated public information access network within Muswell Hill, based upon the World Wide Web. It provides a common "umbrella" for the presentation of information about Muswell and Muswell Hill based organizations. It defines a common framework for the integration and presentation of on-line information for public sector organizations, public services, leisure and tourism bodies, business, business support organizations and community groups.

Muswell Hill Business Online is committed to developing this concept in partnership with the private, public and voluntary sectors, with the ultimate aim being to provide a coherent, cross-sector presence for the whole of Muswell Hill on the Internet, with both local and global access.

There is already a common entry point with Muswell Hill Business Online acting as an index to public and private sector information. This index links to participating organizations home pages and we are keen to hear from other organizations who are thinking of either putting information on the WWW or who want to link into Muswell Hill Business Online

To make Muswell Hill Business Online a coherent entity an overall "look and feel" is being developed according to a set of design, structural and technical standards. The aim of these standards is to assist users in accessing information as well as assisting organizations in the creation and integration of their own link with Muswell Hill Business Online

Information can be located by browsing though indexes and search facilities. Searches can be made on specific topics and organizations as well as graphically browsing through the information presented, by type of service, type of business and geographical area.

Muswell Hill Business Online is linked to the Internet allowing access in both directions between the two and a range of public access points are available at locations such as Libraries, but unfortunately, not Muswell Hill Library in Queen's Avenue, as yet. 

With the advent of free internet access and telephone connection charges, we expect to see a tremendous surge in the number of people accessing the net.

We are very keen to receive your views on the approach we are taking and in particular your ideas on what information you would like to be available. Please tell us.

To add a link, obtain more information, or to inform of a bad link or error email webmaster