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Domain Names
Free Memorable Domains
Combine your name with a memorable domain for FREE.
Marketing effectively on the Internet can be quite difficult. Pages and sites on the Internet are like small islands in a vast ocean. They need to be featured on a major Internet platform to ensure their utility and reach a targeted audience. Internet domain names are very powerful tools on the web which can serve as very significant platforms. We offer a selection of memorable industry specific and geographical domain names you can utilize, which relate specifically to your industry or your geographical location for FREE.
Computers connected to the Internet have a 4-part numeric IP address (e.g.., 123.456.78.90). These IP addresses contain the necessary information on connecting to a site across the Internet. But because IP addresses are difficult to remember, domain names are infinitely more useful in helping people find Internet sites. A domain name is an alias for the IP address When the web site to which the domain name is tagged is accessed, the domain name is changed transparently into the corresponding IP address.
As such, a domain name is a very powerful expression of a company on the Internet. There are currently over 150 million users of the Internet worldwide. With Internet traffic doubling every 100 days, the Internet is now a serious, low cost and very effective medium for business. An Internet address is rapidly becoming a key requirement for many businesses.
Should anyone have a .com domain name, that becomes the default name on the Internet and means that if people were using a Netscape browser, they would not need an Internet address to access that domain name on the web. If you had the Internet address, your, all anyone would need to do is enter the words "Your industry/(your company name)" into their browser to go straight to your web site. There would be no need for them to even know your web address, which is usually very difficult to remember. This is an extremely powerful tool, and one that will become even more powerful as the web grows. It is also an exceptionally powerful marketing tool as there would be no need for a rambling, forgettable, Internet address for anyone to access your site. Operating from such a domain is highly memorable and associable. The domain could link to an existing site .
Muswell Hill Business Online can offer memorable, domain names which combine your industry segment with your company name to provide an extremely powerful marketing tool for FREE. Having such a domain name would mean that you could have the benefit of a memorable Internet domain name which would act as a powerful marketing tool. The Internet is truly a global village. There could be hundreds of companies with your company name. Register yours for FREE with the specific domain for your industry before they do.
I want a free domain name
To request a memorable domain name, whether industry specific or geographical, simply contact Muswell Hill Business Online  and mention any names you are interested in, include your company name. Click here

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