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London Mayoral Links

Susan Kramer is the Liberal Democrat Candidate for Mayor of
The web site for the Liberal Democrat candidate, Susan Kramer. Her pledges include providing funds for the Underground through a bond issue & introducing a Community Constabulary to support the Metropolitan Police.

Photo of Frank Frank Dobson    (Labour) favours a public-private partnership as the best way to modernise the London Underground, he also has a ten point plan for tackling crime in London. Trevor Phillips, Dobson's running associate also has a web page.

Steven Norris , the Conservative candidate, has pledged to improve London Transport and to work with the Boroughs to tackle graffiti, litter and waste.

Our Mayoral Candidate, Darren JohnsonThe Green Party
The Green Parties candidate is Darren Johnson is not expecting to be the next Mayor, but does expect to take a seat in the new Assembly under the new proportional voting system. He has campaigned for the introduction of traffic reduction measures at both local and national level.

Malcolm for Mayor!Malcolm McLaren
Malcolm McLaren is standing on the No Politicians For Mayor platform. He advocates the introduction of electric trams and the use of more rickshaws and horses.
It looks like he's out of the running, and the site doesn't seem to have been updated for about a week. Still, have a look and see what he wanted to do.

Ram Gidoomal CBE
A new entrant to the race to become London’s Mayor will command support from leading business figures, politicians from across the political spectrum and members of London’s voluntary sector.  The successful Asian social entrepreneur, Ram Gidoomal CBE , is announcing that he is entering the contest.  As a Christian Democrat, his top priorities will include tackling issues of racial justice, regeneration of the city’s most deprived boroughs and job skills training

Frank Butcher The unofficial Frank Butcher for Mayor site. Outlines why the Eastenders Character is perfect for the job. Frank knows what it is to have bad luck. After successfully running an east-end pub "The Queen Victoria" for a number of years Frank sold up to buy a second hand car yard which promptly burned down just in time for the insurance to save him from certain bankruptcy. Not only is this financial record perfect for any major political figure (just look at the other prospective candidates) his experience selling cars have given Frank the perfect background in lying, covering up and sneaky maneuvers that is the backbone of any modern politician. His days tending bar in 'The Vic' taught Frank what people really want, something no other candidate can truly say. Who else but a Taxi-Driver or a Barman can tell you accurately what the Man On The Street is really saying? Better yet, a barman who also runs a second hand car lot.

Chas 'n' Dave
The Bolshevik Campaign for Chas 'n' Dave for Mayor, a campaign for class representation, class beards, and class music.

Mayor & GLA Web Site
BBC Mayoral News
Mayor Watch

A site dedicated to putting London's new Mayor under the spotlight. Includes articles and a lively discussion forum.
Special report on the Mayoral race, includes latest news, feedback and archive of Guardian reports on the Mayoral race.

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